New Investment Platform Criteria

E-commerce companies that are engaged in selling:

  • To passionate enthusiast consumer groups
  • Proprietary branded products
  • Customized or made-to-order products
  • Complex, technical or highly researched products or services

    We are also particularly interested in models for using e-commerce as a mechanism for monetizing social influence 

Digital marketing services companies that:

  • Are using proprietary technology or significant intellectual property to differentiate against competition
  • Have client diversification
  • Of particular interest: companies that have a mix of editorial, technical SEO and digital PR competency to support e-commerce companies with consumer engagement and organic search efforts 

Advertising and marketing technology companies that:

  • Are focused on tactical or customer segment niches
  • Have customer retention rates in excess of 70%

Portfolio Company Add-On Criteria

Buy Auto Parts: on-line auto parts companies with strong positions in specific product niches

LogoSportswear: custom on-line apparel companies with a targeted customer focus (for example, work wear or spirit wear)

Net Direct Merchants: custom home improvement and commercial building products companies 

Summit Sports: on-line leaders in specialty action sports, outdoor sports and team sports

The Vermont Teddy Bear Companies: niche gift companies, sleepwear, comfort apparel